Having a well researched and defined strategy gives a healthcare organization the ability to control and utilize its capital, human and financial resources with the goal of securing, promoting and advancing the organization's interests. However, even the most leading edge strategy will fail without a sound and detailed implementation plan. Harpeth Consulting's healthcare industry experts not only assist healthcare organizations in the development of business strategies, but also create detailed implementation plans designed to facilitate successful strategy execution.

A Real-World Approach
Often, organizations take an approach to strategy that focuses heavily on the strategic planning process or methodology rather than what can truly be executed given organizational, operational and/or financial realities. Our team of healthcare strategists is made up of former chief executives, chief financial officers, vice presidents and directors from some of the nation's largest and most dynamic healthcare organizations. We are not functional (i.e. strategic) experts with nominal experience in healthcare; rather, we are healthcare industry experts with real-world experience in strategy and execution. Our strategic recommendations are not only forward-thinking and inventive, but are also executable given our clients' current capabilities.

Strategy Development and Execution Services:

  • Mission statement and goals development
  • Internal analysis (e.g. strengths and weaknesses)
  • External analysis (e.g. threats and opportunities)
  • Strategic approach selection (e.g. low-cost leadership, differentiation, "blue ocean")
  • Strategy execution plan development including goals, action plans/items, performance metrics, resource requirements, financial impact
  • Execution oversight, implementation assistance, progress reporting, contingency planning