The Importance of Well-Designed Business Processes
Business processes are the collection of activities or tasks designed to achieve a specific business function. For healthcare provider organizations, business processes related to patient access, patient throughput and revenue management are critical to the financial success of an organization. Critical business functions for healthcare payers include sales, customer service, claims processing, provider relations and utilization management. Unfortunately, staff turnover, outdated or underutilized technology, inadequate internal controls, insufficient training and education and minimal or non-existent quality control are common among healthcare organizations and have negative consequences for key business processes. Left alone, inefficient and ineffective business processes can be disastrous for an organization.

Re-engineering Business Processes for Significant, Measurable Improvement
Our business process improvement experts work to identify ailing business functions and to redesign key business processes that result in dramatic and measurable improvement. Our team of consulting professionals includes healthcare industry experts and career consultants with decades of experience in working with healthcare entities of all sizes and complexity. Combining expertise, proven methodologies and benchmarking capabilities we analyze existing workflow, policies and procedures, internal controls, technology, staffing, management reporting and quality control to come up with improvement opportunities that result in significant organizational and financial improvement.

Business Process Improvement Methodology